Israeli embassies on high alert as Iran blames it for nuclear scientist's killing and vows revenge

Iran's supreme leader has called for the "definitive punishment" of those behind the assassination of one of the country's prominent nuclear scientists.

Paris protests against police brutality turn violent with tear gas fired and buildings on fire

Protesters in Paris have clashed with police as thousands of people demonstrated across France against a proposed new law that would ban the filming of police.

'It's late but a deal is still possible': UK and EU continue Brexit talks in London

The EU's chief negotiator has arrived in London ahead of the resumption of Brexit talks with his UK counterpart on Saturday, as the deadline to strike a deal moves ever closer.

Ethiopia's army begins 'final offensive' against rebel forces in Tigray capital

Ethiopia's prime minister has said the army is moving in on the capital of the northern Tigray region after his 72-hour ultimatum for rebel leaders to lay down their arms expired.

Soldiers could one day 'communicate through brainwaves', say researchers

A breakthrough in decoding brain signals could be the first step towards soldiers communicating without having to speak aloud during military operations.

New US execution rule could see injections replaced by firing squad or poison gas

The US Justice Department is quietly amending its execution protocols, to possibly end the use of lethal injection - and clear the way for firing squads and poison gas.

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