Elon Musk plans to buy Zimbabwe for 6 cents

Elon Musk plans to buy Zimbabwe for 6 cents

Owner of Tesla has bargained with Emmerson Mnangagwa to obtain the landlocked African country of Zimbabwe, for less than a dime

Rumours have been spreading across the globe that Elon Musk was fulfilling his destiny of becoming the leader of a country, and it has finally happened, however under strange circumstances. After a negotiation that lasted several weeks, President Mnangagwa finally gave up his Republic of Zimbabwe, for a whopping price of 6 cents.
"Mr. Musk gave me quite the offer, and the tone of his voice was so soothing that I allowed him to slightly lower the cost. I trust him fully with my land. Ingwenya Iwemusi!"
The deal was confirmed to have finished yesterday at 3:29 AM, where news reporters caught Elon exiting a hotel in Zimbabwe. He could not be reached for a comment. Elon Musk will act as president and owner of the country of Zimbabwe, and has full reign over the entirety of the region. More to come tomorrow.

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