8 year-old boy found dead on the middle of the road

8 year-old boy found dead on the middle of the road

An 8 year-old boy was found dead next to an abandoned car in the middle of the road

Police were called to reports of a deceased boy in the middle of Augusta road, North side of Belgrade at about 04:12 GMT on a Thursday. 
 The situation began after the police was called over an abandoned car found outside of the road. When police approached to investigate the area, they not only found notes detailing the incident, but also the body of an 8 year-old boy, identified as Thomas Landes, found hidden between a few bushes, with over 15 stabs in the chest. 
 The notes inside the car showed that the murdered, identified as Robert Ruchames, a 51-year-old man, confessed the whole situation as an "mental disorder snap", as he lost control of himself, stole one of the worker's car from his office, and drove off to pick up Thomas, who was his own son. 
 After a few hours later, the police found Robert back at his office and he was quickly later on arrested for his crime. 
 Det Chris Daniel said: "This is the sort of thing we do not wish to see in duty, a child does not deserve this sort of treatment, especially from their own father, may his soul rest easily." 
Jennifer Landers, Thoma's mom, said: "I always knew he had anger issues, but I still can't understand how he would do such a thing to our child. We all lived a happy life together, how could I not noticed the signs?"

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