South Africa sees rise in child COVID hospital admissions in Omicron epicentre but cases 'mild'

A marked rise has been seen in the number of children admitted to hospital in South Africa - the epicentre of the new coronavirus Omicron variant - but cases are "mild", a public health expert has said.

Rio cancels New Year's Eve celebrations amid spread of Omicron variant

Rio has cancelled its world-famous New Year's Eve celebrations as the Omicron COVID variant spreads around the world.

One dead and dozens injured as Indonesia volcano eruption sends ash cloud 50,000ft in the air

The tallest volcano on the Indonesian island of Java has erupted, killing at least one person and sending huge clouds of ash into the air.

'You see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing': Ghislaine Maxwell's 'handbook' revealed in court documents

A handbook Ghislaine Maxwell gave to staff working at Jeffrey Epstein's house in Palm Beach has been shown to a jury - as a portable green massage table that belonged to Epstein was brought into the courtroom.

Ireland brings in new restrictions ahead of Christmas due to 'very stark' health advice

Strict new limits on Ireland's hospitality sector and home visits have been announced by the country's prime minister.

International Space Station forced to dodge debris, Russian space agency says

The International Space Station (ISS) was forced to swerve away from a fragment of a US launch vehicle on Friday, the Russian space agency has said.

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