Man dies after swallowing petrol in fuel-strapped Lebanon

A man has died in Lebanon after swallowing petrol he was siphoning out of his vehicle's tank, according to the country's national news agency.

How does the German election work and who will be chancellor?

A vote is taking place that will determine who succeeds German Chancellor Angela Merkel after her 16 years in power.

Three more towns evacuated on La Palma and firefighters forced to retreat amid intensifying volcanic explosions

Three more towns have been evacuated and firefighters have been forced to retreat amid intensifying volcanic explosions on the island of La Palma in the Canaries.

Two detained Canadians return home from China after Huawei's chief financial officer allowed to leave Canada

Two Canadians have returned home from China after being released from prison where they were held on alleged spying charges.

Fifteen-year-old World Superbike star dies after crash during race in Spain

Fifteen-year-old motorcyclist Dean Berta Vinales has died following a crash at a World Superbike Championship race in Jerez, Spain.

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