EU threatens additional tariffs on Chinese electric cars

EU threatens additional tariffs on Chinese electric cars

The European Union has said it will slap tariffs on Chinese made electric vehicles from next month, the latest strike in an escalating trade war between Europe, the US and China.
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Greece shuts schools and Acropolis as heatwave hits

Greece has shuttered tourist hotspots and schools across Athens as the first heatwave of the summer strikes.

'These are impossible conditions': Mother of freed hostage feared the worst for son held by Hamas

Evgeniia Kozlova was at home in St Petersburg last weekend when she got the call from her Israeli liaison officers.

French music icon who inspired Sir Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan dies

French singer-songwriter Francoise Hardy, who inspired Bob Dylan and Sir Mick Jagger, has died at the age of 80.

Korean ramen products at risk of causing 'acute poisoning' recalled

Denmark's food agency has recalled three South Korean spicy instant ramen noodle products - warning consumers they are so hot they might cause "acute poisoning".

Israel and Hamas on UN's violence against children list

Israel and Hamas have been included for the first time on a United Nations list for violating children's rights.

Celine Dion took near-deadly doses of Valium to ease spasms

Canadian singer Celine Dion said she took life-threatening doses of medication to help ease muscle spasms so she could perform on stage.

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