Spotify testing AI-powered translation feature for podcasts

Spotify Technology is testing an artificial intelligence (AI) powered feature that will translate podcasts into other languages.

ChatGPT creator expresses concern about 'under-regulation' of AI

The CEO of the company that made ChatGPT has said he is concerned about the "under-regulation" of artificial intelligence (AI).

Human extinction and 70C heatwaves - supercomputer climate models warn of apocalyptic future

Extreme global warming will likely wipe all mammals - including humans - off the face of the Earth in 250 million years, according to a new scientific study.

It's the most dangerous space rock in the solar system - so what will it tell us?

It will make the most incredible unboxing video.

Sir Brian May 'immensely proud' to be part of Osiris-Rex asteroid sample team

Sir Brian May has said he is "immensely proud" to be part of the team who successfully collected NASA's first asteroid samples from deep space.

NASA returns largest asteroid sample to Earth

A NASA capsule carrying the largest sample ever collected from an asteroid has returned to Earth.

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