Pregnant women urged to get whooping cough vaccine as nine young babies die amid surge in cases

Pregnant women have been advised to get vaccinated against whooping cough after nine young babies died as cases of the illness surged in England.

Super-strong bones, healing blood and different brains: How motherhood changes bodies forever

Women's brains, blood, hormones and bones change drastically during pregnancy, research suggests.

Samsung launch smart ring that can track sleep, movement and periods

Samsung has become the first tech giant to release a smart ring - which can track sleep, movement, periods and heart rate.

Night owls have better brain function than morning people, study suggests

Night owls may be sharper than morning people, according to a new study, with those most active and alert in the evening performing better in cognitive tests.

Boeing had enough problems on Earth - now it has them in orbit too

There are worse places to suffer a travel delay than on the International Space Station. 

Two NASA astronauts are stuck on the ISS - how stranded are they?

One of the NASA astronauts stuck on the International Space Station (ISS) for over a month has said she has a "really good feeling in my heart" that their spacecraft will "bring us home".

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