Trump's top expert says anti-malarial drug he's touted 'doesn't work' on COVID-19

Trump's top expert says anti-malarial drug he's touted 'doesn't work' on COVID-19

America's leading infectious diseases expert has said is it now "quite evident" that an anti-malarial drug touted by Donald Trump has no impact on coronavirus.
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NASA gears up for first US astronaut launch in almost a decade

For the first time since the space shuttle was retired in 2011, NASA is set to again launch its own astronauts into space from US soil.

'Orbit tax' proposed to tackle space junk problem

Scientists have proposed introducing a new "orbit tax" to tackle the growing problem of debris or "space junk" encircling the Earth.

WHO suspends trials of drug that Trump is taking over safety fears

The World Health Organisation is removing hydroxychloroquine from its global study of potential COVID-19 treatments while it carries out a review of its safety.

Experts warn cancer treatment which could save lives is being 'rationed'

Cancer experts are warning the NHS is "rationing" an innovative cancer treatment which could help deal with an expected surge in cases and "save lives".

Deep ocean life faces 'escalating threat' from speed of warming - study

The deep ocean is warming more slowly than the surface, but a new study shows that by the end of the century it could change catastrophically.

Faulty dementia-linked gene doubles risk of getting severe COVID-19, study says

A faulty gene linked to dementia doubles the risk of developing severe COVID-19, according to new research.

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