Asteroid has 6,000-mile debris tail after deliberate impact by NASA spacecraft

More than 6,000 miles of debris is trailing behind an asteroid that was deliberately hit by a NASA spacecraft.

Phone chargers to be standardised across Europe - forcing Apple to change to USB-C

The European Parliament has voted to introduce an EU standard charging port for mobile phones.

Trading in Twitter shares halted as Musk 'plans to buy social media company for original offer price'

Trading in Twitter shares was halted as the stock spiked following reports that Elon Musk is planning to buy the company for his original offer price.

Milton Keynes key to supporting life on Mars and the Moon

A planetary rover that could end up being used to build habitats on the Moon or explore the surface of Mars has been put through its paces at a quarry in Milton Keynes.

Hi-tech gardens at Natural History Museum to track how wildlife reacts to climate

The Natural History Museum is creating hi-tech gardens full of sensors to look at how wildlife reacts to changes in climate and can be better protected in our towns and cities.

Minecraft YouTube star finally reveals face to millions of followers

Minecraft YouTube star Dream has finally revealed his true identity to his millions of viewers.

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