Action needed to stop the use of killer robots, report says

Calls are growing for an international ban on the creation of killer robots, which could pose a "grave threat to humanity".

Farmers turn to covert tech to fend off sheep thieves - here's how it works

Tiny electronic security tags are being hidden on sheep, as livestock rustling from UK farms becomes an increasing problem.

Scientists try to create first rhino test tube baby to save near-extinct species

The long days of summer offer little escape for the scientists of Berlin's Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research.

NASA says we all live in a giant bubble shaped like a 'deflated croissant'

NASA has revealed the shape of the bubble surrounding our solar system: a deflated croissant.

Mark Zuckerberg joins Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in the 'Centibillionaire Club'

Mark Zuckerberg has seen his personal wealth hit $100bn (£76bn), 16 years after he co-founded Facebook from his university dorm room.

Trump steps up war against TikTok with new executive order

Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning any US transactions with the Chinese company that owns the video-sharing app TikTok.

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