Westminster's 'nepo babies' are here to stay - whether we like it or not | Adam Boulton

"It's not who you are but who you know" is a saying often used to explain why those with family connections to successful people seem to have a head start doing well in the next generation.

Sunak survives first 100 days, but there is little warm glow around leadership | Beth Rigby

The first 100 days of Rishi Sunak's premiership are done - a yardstick that his predecessor Liz Truss never even reached, while Boris Johnson found himself utterly consumed with firefighting a pandemic.

Shapps tells British Steel owner redundancy plans are 'unhelpful'

Business Secretary Grant Shapps has told British Steel's Chinese owner that proposals to make hundreds of workers redundant are "unhelpful" amid negotiations over a £300m taxpayer support package.

More strikes to come: Who is taking industrial action in 2023 and when?

Tens of thousands of workers are striking in the coming months over pay and conditions as a winter of industrial action continues.

Low-tax Tories reignite Liz Truss WhatsApp group

A WhatsApp group once used to support Liz Truss' leadership campaign has begun to see several MPs joining once again, sources have told Sky News.

'He wants world dominance': Pompeo reveals who he thinks is more dangerous than Putin

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told Sky News he believes China's President Xi is a bigger threat to the world than Vladimir Putin.

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