Cost of coronavirus job subsidy schemes tops £35bn

Cost of coronavirus job subsidy schemes tops £35bn

The cost of taxpayer subsidies for jobs has climbed above £35bn while the value of business loans underwritten by the government has reached £45bn, the latest figures on the impact of COVID-19 show.
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'Slap in the face': PM resists calls to apologise for care home comments

Downing Street has resisted calls for Boris Johnson to apologise for claiming some care workers "didn't really follow the procedures" during the coronavirus outbreak.

Portugal in talks with UK over travel quarantine exemption

Portugal is in talks with the British government over its exclusion from a list of countries exempt from the coronavirus travel quarantine.

Chancellor to unveil £2bn work placements scheme

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will spend £2bn funding hundreds of thousands of "work placements" to keep young people off the dole in his emergency economic update to MPs on Wednesday.

BoE postpones governor talk with Tory backbenchers

The governor of the Bank of England has postponed a rare meeting with a Tory backbench committee which would have taken place just after the chancellor's economic update.

Tory election mastermind Sir Lynton Crosby attacks 'mob mentality' in media

Conservative election strategist Sir Lynton Crosby has blamed the media for stoking up a "mob mentality" around issues such as Black Lives Matter, the #MeToo movement and even the Arab Spring.

Former Labour MP admits making indecent photo of child

Former Labour MP Eric Joyce has pleaded guilty to making an indecent photograph of a child.

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