China 'spy' balloon: What are they? And why could they play a key role in the future of aerial reconnaissance?

In an era of orbital satellites so advanced that they are able to make out objects half the size of cars from space, a spy balloon might seem like a bit of a relic.

Fashion designer Paco Rabanne - known for his flamboyant Space Age designs - dies aged 88

Paco Rabanne, the Spanish-born designer, has died at the age of 88 in Portsall, Brittany.

Ford to return to Formula One in 2026

Ford will return to Formula One in 2026, the US carmaker has said.

Chinese spy balloon heading eastwards as US sec of state Blinken cancels visit

The US defence department has said the Chinese spy balloon is heading eastwards but poses "no physical or military threat" to civilians.

Nick Kyrgios pleads guilty to assaulting ex-girlfriend - but charge dismissed without conviction

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has avoided a conviction after pleading guilty to assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

Meet 30-year-old 'miracle' Bobi - the world's oldest dog ever

A 30-year-old dog who lives in Portugal has been named as the world's oldest by Guinness World Records.

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