Unwanted Visitor Comes to Say Hello to Class 5-346

Tue, 22 Oct 2019

Unwanted Visitor Comes to Say Hello to Class 5-346

Unwanted Visitor Comes to Say Hi to Class 5-346

 On October 21, 2019, a roach came to visit class 5-346, startling the class and causing a domino like effect of yells and people screaming, "ROACH!" During the math lesson, before the end of the day, one kid noticed something crawling up the wall, moving! "Hey, I think there's a bug. A roach?" The student pointed out, looking at the corner. "A bug? Oh my gosh, WHERE!?" The student teacher exclaimed, hopping away from the corner. "Ooooh my gosh!" Said another kid, standing up. Suddenly, more than half of the class and the student teacher had fled away from the rainbow carpet. "THIS WILL GO ON THE HEADLINES," A student yelled, waving their notebook and other kids grabbing their writing notebooks as well. Some children stayed unaffected, and observed the bug make its way up the blue wall, disappearing somewhere in the class. "That's not a roach, that's a spider!" The teacher said, gingerly tip toeing over to the wall. "A roach! A ROAAAACH!" Kids continued to scream, before and after the teacher's statement. "Calm down everyone! I'm calling the custodian." The teacher had said, shushing the kid. And up to this time, we still don't know where the roach is now. Find out next time on THE NEWS!

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