X1's Hangyul reportedly in a relationship with Shannon Williams

X1's Hangyul reportedly in a relationship with Shannon Williams

"We've been in a relationship since before it was in our performance as a team" stated by Shannon Williams "please respect our decision" it was said here that go vote for X1 instead of reading this sharing. La ka nalang jowa -.-


Disgraced public figures who have been stripped of their honours

After years of allegations, a landmark court trial and convictions for rape and sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein has had his honorary CBE removed.

Don't use our song for 'moronic cause': Twister Sister singer has angry message for anti-maskers

Twisted Sister singer, Dee Snider, condemned anti-maskers using one of the band's hits while ripping off their face masks.

Diversity's Black Lives Matter routine won't face investigation, watchdog says

Diversity's Black Lives Matter-inspired performance on Britain's Got Talent will not face investigation from media regulator Ofcom.

The Batman returns to filming after COVID scare

Filming has resumed on the movie "The Batman", after a two-week shutdown caused by a member of the production who tested positive for coronavirus.

Long Way Up: How Ewan McGregor's electric ride added to sense of adventure

Ewan McGregor is a man used to zipping up his leathers and hitting the road on his motorbike, but he admits there's still a certain scepticism around the electric kind.

Lineker congratulates Alex Scott for being new Question Of Sport host, but BBC denies it

The BBC has denied speculation that Alex Scott is the next host of A Question Of Sport after Gary Lineker tweeted his congratulations to the athlete.

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