Hillary Clinton Out As Trans...African American

Hillary Clinton Out As Trans...African American

Ive Always Self identified As An African American Woman

The biggest loser of the 2012, 2016, and 2020 elections perpetually failed candidate Hillary Clinton has outed herself as a Trans African woman at hushed press conference yesterday attended by two reports looking for the men's room." I aint finnin to be hearin no jibber jabber on this yo".Clintin than continued to tell the room " I have always self identified as an African American woman". " I have always been deeply ashamed of my white skin and the extrdonary privilege it afforded me." " On the inside I have always been a sista and I want my peeps in the African American community to know I am one of you". " I have always done my best to help da hommies by increasing welfare and EBT roles and as the first wholly African American President I will stick it to whitey like he ain't never had it before" " Y'all feel me?"" Wit me as President we will usher in a new age of big pimpin and easy livin". "Booya."Clinton than said "I'm out bitches", before picking up a plate of neck bone, collard greens, and pigs feet and struting off the stage in her best Dolimite impression.

Lorry park and border control centre being built in Kent for post-Brexit traffic

A border control centre and lorry park is being built in Kent to deal with potential disruption on the coast after the UK fully leaves the European Union in December.

Ending free transport 'will hit disadvantaged children returning to school'

Some of the most disadvantaged children in London may not return to school in September because of transport costs, teachers have warned.

Brand Rishi is flying high - but his future relies on UK economic recovery

Boris. Hillary. Maggie. There's a super league of politicians we are on first name terms with.

PM urges people to go back to work as he backs more facemask use

Boris Johnson has served notice that tougher rules on wearing face masks could be on the way, as he appealed to people working from home to go back to work.

'Let's end it now': Stars call for LGBT+ 'conversion therapy' ban

Celebrities including Elton John, Dua Lipa and Jade Thirlwall have signed a letter calling on the government to ban so-called "conversion therapy" for LGBT+ people.

UK opts out of EU coronavirus vaccine scheme over distribution concerns

The UK is to reject an invite to take part in the EU's coronavirus vaccine programme because of worries over delays getting doses into the country.

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