How students earn money with free airdrops

How students earn money with free airdrops

A live report from within the crypto scene where students participate in airdrops and make some money off it. Here we take a closer look at how they do it.

For thoses with no money to invest there still are ways to earn cryptocurrency for free. Airdrops are new cryptocurrencies that are distributed to everybody for free and some of them rise sharply in price after they became popular. While some have started to spend their time on "play to earn" games such as Axie Infinity to earn an income from crypto, others prefer participating in communities and creating memes to make an additional income.

If you are interested in getting free tokens airdropped to your wallet, this article will give you a very brief introduction to the airdropping scene.

STEP 1: Telegram account
For a lot of airdrops, you will need a Telegram and Twitter account. Download Telegram and register an account.
Then join some of the many airdrop channels that are out there.

STEP 2 : Twitter account:

To find airdrops, go to Twitter and search for accounts that are regulary sharing some airdrops and follow them to get noticed when new airdrops are avaible:

STEP 3: Get creative!
Often you can earn a lot more additional tokens if you participate in meme contests. Here are some links that help you create memes:

STEP 4: How to maximize your profit? - Be early!
Usually early supporters of airdrops get rewarded much more tokens! So the earlier you join, the more rewards you will get!
You can earn some money by selling an airdrop once you get it. It can sometimes be only a few cents, but it can also be worth 10$, 30$ or sometimes more!

One of the hottest airdrops right now - Doge³ on the Radix network
Dogecoin was first created as a joke by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus in 2013. As the years went on, Dogecoin’s market capitalisation climbed slowly, and reached a peak of $0.017 in early 2018 thanks to the cryptocurrency bubble that saw Bitcoin surpass its previous all-time high of over $19,000 before it crashed. In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, the price of Dogecoin spiked more than 600% after a viral TikTok challenge urged a buying spree, with the aim to get the value to £$1 per coin and making a lot of the early holders millionaires in the process.

Radix is a next generation platform with unmatched scaling abilities. Experts call it the next Ethereum as it's so easy to launch new and secure DeFi products. It is believed that due to its low fees and developer friendly scripting language called Scrypto it will attract a lot of people and will become the next big hype in the crypto industry. Doge³ is the first meme token on the Radix platform. Just like Doge's early adopters participants in the Doge³ airdrop get a lot of free Doge³ tokens that they can #hodl or send to their friends.

How to participate in the Doge³ airdrop?
  1. Download the Radix Wallet here:
  2. Join Doge³ Telegram channel here to get free tokens:
  3. Check out Twitter:
  4. Participate in the meme contests and activities to earn even more Doge³ tokens
  5. Join the projects reddit page for the latest informations:

DogeCube Airdrop

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The secret codes you’re not meant to know unveiled. How Crypto Babes use codes to secretly signal support for their favourite DeFi platforms.While projects like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot or the Binance Smart Chain have high popularity amongst their peers, experts believe the hype will be short lived once people start to realize the shortcomings of those projects that result in high fees, centralization, high complexity and frequent DeFi hacks that put users funds at risk.As of today Radix is the only project that has successfully tackled the blockchain trilemma and thus can achieve massive decentralized global scaling while keeping high security and low transaction fees.Radix DeFi Babes Secret Code
Those very attractive attributes have created a vibrant scene around the project. In this article we are going to have a closer look at the Radix DeFi babes.

Why smart money is already moving to Radix (XRD)
Check this comaprison of platforms:
Crypto Platforms Benchmark

Social Media
Youtube: RadixDLT Channel
Coinmarketcap: Radix Protocol ($XRD)

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