Serbian Men Charged with Murdering Toronto Zoo Kangaroos

Serbian Men Charged with Murdering Toronto Zoo Kangaroos

Six Hamilton area men have been charged with breaking into Toronto Zoo and kidnapping two rare Western Grey Kangaroos in retaliation for Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic being denied entry into Australia.

Six Hamilton area men have been charged with breaking into Toronto Zoo and murdering two rare Western Grey Kangaroos. The men were arrested by Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police after photos appeared on social media of the men roasting the two rare animals at a local soccer field. Regional Police were alerted to the social media post when a local area women walking her pet dog was approached by the Serbian men and asked if she wanted to add her pet to the two kangaroos being roasted. The women, who's name is being withheld due to ongoing police investigation, told CNN Reporters that the men were seen drinking, singing and kissing each other. When the woman approached the men to inform them that they were breaking numerous bylaws and lockdown mandates, the men proceeded to tell her they were proud to be Orthodox Serbian and then body shame the woman, insult her gender identity and misgender her numerous times. Hamilton Police quickly arrived and arrested the six Serbian men after one of the men fuelled by homemade plumb brandy began to strip naked, call the police officers "NATO murderers" and paraded the head of one of the murdered kangaroo around the park screaming profanities and praise for Serbian tennis mega-star Novak Djokovic. Investigators only later learned after thorough DNA analysis of the meat, that the animals were in fact rare Western Grey Kangaroos kidnapped from Toronto Zoo yesterday. Investigators determined that the cause of death of the kangaroos was COVID. The six Serbs are being held without bail despite today being their Christmas Eve and Toronto Zoo has announced that a memorial for Skippy and Ralph will be held at Toronto Zoo at 6 pm. Mourners are asked to bring flowers and any donations are to be forwarded to Serbs for Serbs charity: 
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