India's richest man loses $100bn in less than a week

India's richest man has seen his personal wealth shrink by billions in less than a week.

How do prepayment meters work and what are the rules around them?

Energy regulator Ofgem has launched an urgent investigation into "extremely serious allegations" of British Gas contractors forcing pay-as-you-go meters on vulnerable customers.

Boss of British Gas owner says there is 'no excuse' after prepay meters forced on vulnerable people

The boss of British Gas's owner, Centrica, said "there is no excuse" after an investigation found the company sent debt collectors who broke into vulnerable customers' homes to install prepayment meters.

Read between the lines and it's clear the Bank thinks we are at - or near to - a peak in interest rates | Ed Conway

Back in the Soviet era, analysts would spend hours trying to read between the lines of the speeches and comments coming out of the Kremlin.

The claims about British Gas prepayment meters explained

British Gas has been hit with allegations its debt collectors broke into the homes of vulnerable customers to fit prepayment meters, after an undercover investigation by The Times.

Shapps tells British Steel owner redundancy plans are 'unhelpful'

Business Secretary Grant Shapps has told British Steel's Chinese owner that proposals to make hundreds of workers redundant are "unhelpful" amid negotiations over a £300m taxpayer support package.

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