Pound falls again as agency downgrades outlook for UK's credit rating to 'negative'

A measure of confidence in the UK's creditworthiness has been slashed by another major ratings agency in the wake of the mini-budget, piling further pressure on the under-fire pound.

Lenders push Kwarteng to extend mortgage guarantee scheme

The UK's biggest mortgage lenders will urge the chancellor to extend a government home loans initiative which helps first-time buyers get onto the property ladder.

Plan for three-hour power blackouts to prioritise heating in event of gas shortages - as EU agrees to cut electricity use

The country has been put on notice that the chances of gas shortages this winter have risen markedly, prompting a contingency plan to prioritise heating.

'Stealthy' tax and benefit threshold freezes will outweigh tax cuts, say economists

"Stealthy" freezes to tax and welfare thresholds will outweigh any benefits people will get from the government's plan to cut taxes, according to economists.

Amid energy security and price crisis, key winter outlook report takes on particular significance

The National Grid's electricity system operator and gas system operator will release one of their regular winter outlook reports later.

Energy price guarantee could cost taxpayer £140bn in 'extreme' scenario

The taxpayer support for household energy bills could cost up to £140bn in an "extreme" scenario, an energy market expert has warned.

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