Vince Neil Steals Hot Dog From Fan

Vince Neil Steals Hot Dog From Fan

"I was shocked,I paid $6 for that hotdog." says fan.

At a surprise warm up show in Los Angeles,  legendary rock band Motley Crue did a small club set to practice their upcoming dates with Def Leppard and Poison. During the song Wild Side lead singer Vince Neil spots a fan eating a hotdog in the crowd.. Witnesses say he motioned for the young teen to approach the stage. Then without warning he snached the overpriced snack away and began to stuff it down. Fans had mixed reactions..some claimed it was just unpredictable rock and roll from the Crue while others were repulsed by Neil spitting hit dog and burping for the next few songs.

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A top tip, Jared Harris and The Green Knight

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