World leaders condemn 'political violence' after Trump shooting

World leaders have joined together to condemn "political violence" after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump.

Trump's clenched fist may have defined the day - but will it determine the election's outcome?

Courage, defiance, or a reckless play for the cameras even in the heights of danger.

Minute by minute - here's how Trump's assassination attempt unfolded

A man has attempted to kill Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

'Fundamental security failure' allowed gunman to open fire at campaign rally, experts say

Security experts familiar with the demands of keeping politicians safe have said "a fundamental security failure" occurred as a gunman was able to get close enough to Donald Trump to shoot him at a presidential campaign rally.

What we know so far about gunman in Trump assassination attempt

Thomas Matthew Crooks has been named as the gunman in the assassination attempt against Donald Trump on Saturday evening.

Trump shooting 'an extraordinary moment' in already deeply anxious times

This is a truly extraordinary moment.

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