Sesc’s National Department Innovates with Minimalist Clothing

Sesc’s National Department Innovates with Minimalist Clothing

RIO DE JANEIRO - A Very Relaxing Day at Sesc’s National Department in Brazil

Taking advantage of the upcoming spring season and the recent “save the earth” mentality that pervades the institution, Sesc’s General Direction has opened  office to minimalist fashion clothing in a deliberate attempt at reducing air conditioning costs and increase pleasure levels at work. It’s also estimated that the reduction in fabrics will save employees more than 3000 reais a year and institutional climate is bound to improve significantly in the next few months. 

Attempted murder charges dropped against pilot who 'tried to cut plane's engines'

A former Alaska Airlines pilot accused of trying to cut the engines of a Horizon Air flight will not face charges of attempted murder.

China warns of firm response after UK sanctions Chinese firms 'supplying Russia's war effort'

China has accused Britain of violating international law after the UK announced new sanctions targeting "individuals and groups supporting and funding Putin's war machine".

COP28 host UAE has climate plan downgraded to lowest rating

The nation hosting the COP28 climate summit has had its climate plan downgraded to the lowest category.

Girls who start their periods at a younger age may have higher risk of developing diabetes

Girls who start their periods at a younger age could have a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in later life, a study suggests.

Bus plunges into a ravine killing 16 in the Philippines

At least 16 people have been killed and another 12 injured after a bus plunged into a ravine in a mountain village in the Philippines.

Netanyahu says human rights groups are turning a blind eye to alleged rapes by Hamas

Benjamin Netanyahu has accused human rights groups of turning a blind eye to rapes that Israel says were committed by Hamas during the 7 October massacre.

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