Sesc’s National Department Innovates with Minimalist Clothing

Sesc’s National Department Innovates with Minimalist Clothing

RIO DE JANEIRO - A Very Relaxing Day at Sesc’s National Department in Brazil

Taking advantage of the upcoming spring season and the recent “save the earth” mentality that pervades the institution, Sesc’s General Direction has opened  office to minimalist fashion clothing in a deliberate attempt at reducing air conditioning costs and increase pleasure levels at work. It’s also estimated that the reduction in fabrics will save employees more than 3000 reais a year and institutional climate is bound to improve significantly in the next few months. 

Korean ramen products at risk of causing 'acute poisoning' recalled

Denmark's food agency has recalled three South Korean spicy instant ramen noodle products - warning consumers they are so hot they might cause "acute poisoning".

Israel and Hamas on UN's violence against children list

Israel and Hamas have been included for the first time on a United Nations list for violating children's rights.

Celine Dion took near-deadly doses of Valium to ease spasms

Canadian singer Celine Dion said she took life-threatening doses of medication to help ease muscle spasms so she could perform on stage.

Pope Francis 'repeats homophobic slur'

Weeks after apologising for using a highly offensive word about gay men - the Pope has reportedly used the same term again.

At least 41 dead in Kuwait fire - as arrest ordered

A fire in southern Kuwait has killed at least 41 people, according to the country's deputy prime minister.

Biden hugs son Hunter after guilty verdict in gun trial

Joe Biden's son has been found guilty of illegally buying a gun after hiding his drug use.

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