Zelenskyy calls on Biden and Xi to join Ukraine peace summit

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has directly called on his US and Chinese counterparts to join his latest summit for peace in Ukraine.

Passengers and crew injured in turbulence on flight to Dublin, airport says

Eight people have been taken to hospital due to turbulence on a flight to Dublin.

Hamas launches first rocket attack on Tel Aviv in months

Hamas has launched rocket attacks from Gaza towards Tel Aviv for the first time in months.

China launches mock missile strikes on Taiwan to 'punish' new president

China has tested its ability to "seize power" by launching mock missile strikes on Taiwan and pretending to bomb foreign assets.

'Roar, young lions, roar': South Africa president's rallying call for election amid growing discontent

In the final campaign rally for the ruling African National Congress (ANC), the 112-year-old political party and liberation movement turned long-time government appealed to voters and the nation for faith and patience.

China's war games spark international alarm but collective eye roll in Taiwan

In Keelung, about 30 minutes from Taiwan's capital Taipei, China's recent war games seem to promote a kind of collective eye roll.

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