Blackpink's Lisa and BTS' Jungkook confirmed to be dating

Blackpink's Lisa and BTS' Jungkook confirmed to be dating

It's the dream of many fans!!!

Blackpink's Lisa and BTS'Jungkook confirmed to be dating. The companies have confirmed it and will co-operate further with each other.YG has released the statement "Lisa is dating Jungkook from BTS"bighit released the statement"Jungkook has started to be in a relationship with Blackpink's Lisa"We are loving it, are you?

'Games come to life': Is this how we'll watch the next World Cup?

How have you been watching the World Cup?

Christopher Eccleston: 'Patriarchy cocks everyone up… It did its damage to me too'

Christopher Eccleston says he's always preferred working with female directors thanks to the "safer environment" they create to work in.

'I'm gonna be a mom!': Keke Palmer reveals pregnancy whilst hosting SNL

Keke Palmer has revealed she is pregnant with her first child after dramatically unveiling her baby bump during her Saturday Night Live opening monologue.

Kate Winslet says hearing mother's £17k energy bill struggles 'absolutely destroyed' her

Kate Winslet has said it "absolutely destroyed" her to hear about a woman who was facing a £17,000 energy bill just to keep her daughter alive, and felt she had no other option but to help.

'Feminists can't tell us what to do with our bodies': Sex workers fight council strip club ban

Strippers in Edinburgh have told Sky News the council's decision to ban sexual entertainment venues (SEVs) will financially devastate them, as the clubs and the union launch a judicial review to challenge the shutdown of the city's clubs.

Gaming's Oscars night is upon us - here are our picks for the top awards

The biggest night in gaming - the closest thing the industry has to its own Oscars ceremony - is almost upon us.

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