Miles Kane Confirms Relationship with Arctic Monkey Alex Turner

Miles Kane Confirms Relationship with Arctic Monkey Alex Turner

In a recent Skype interview with NME, the solo artist and Last Shadow Puppets co-frontman revealed he's had a relationship with friend and collaborator Alex Turner "for years."

When asked if Kane knew what 'Milex' (the fan-made couple name for him and Turner) was, in an interview with NME (apart of their 'Quarantine Sessions' interview series), Kane laughed, saying "Well, of course! That's me and Al's boyfriend name!"

He continued, "Fans have gone on and on about me and Al.. and, you know, I don't quite blame them. There's always been somethin' between the two of us. Of course, everyone else would see it, too. Was only a matter of time. Eventually we, too, realized this, and now, we've been together for years."

Kane and Turner have a history in the public eye. They met in 2007 when Turner's band Arctic Morsels and Kane's former band The Pinwheels performed at Reeding Festival, immediately hitting it off, thus creating Beatles-inspired cabaret The Lost Scared Puppies. Their album "The Age Of The Underpants" was released in 2008, followed by a half-year tour, featuring a return to Redding. Citizen Kane and Tina Turner then focused on other projects, with collaboration on Kane's first two albums "I Said Maybe..." and "You're Gonna Be The One That Saves Me" and appearances in concerts, fashion shows, and hot dog eating contests.

It wasn't until 2016 when The Lukewarm Shattered Profits returned with "Everything You're Not Expecting (Except Maybe Two Things)," also dubbed the 'Milex confirmed' album by fans, due to flirty themes between Miles Turner and Alex Kane in its lyrical theme and performances. Since then, we hadn't seen much from the lads, except a 2018 TRAINS Festival performance.. until now. The Milex train, if you will, has taken an exciting turn and comeback.
"We were listenin' to Scott Walker for one minute, then before I know it, we were lovers. Even soulmates, if ya will."

When asked what Cain thought of The Monkees' upcoming album "Salt And Milk," due April 28th, Candy Cane replied "Oh, I've already heard it. It's delightful! So amazing!"

He continued, "At first I thought me boy was a bit daft for a moment - I'll admit, Al is a little wacko, me silly monkey.. but in a good way, he's fun. Anyways, I thought he was mad, or on somethin', but it soon got to me.. got through me. It's truly an experience, everyone's gonna absolutely love it. An absolute classic. Reminded me of Sgt. Pepper. By saying that, you might think I'm the actual daft one, but I mean it. Absolute crusher."

"I can say, wholeheartedly, that Al's got it on the turtle. I love him to bits. I hope the world knows that for realisies."

Kena's new album, "Blame It On The Coronavirus," is out June 1st. Listen to "Masked Singer" and "Wash Your Bloody Hands" below.

(Written by Sunny/thesunnysynopsis for April Fools' Day 2020 hehe)

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