'Please, I can't breathe': Police officer kneels on neck of man who died

A black man has died after pleading that he could not breathe as a white police officer kneeled on his neck during an arrest.

Alleged mass murderer arrested after 10 months in hospital

A man suspected of killing 36 people in an arson attack in July last year has finally been arrested, after spending 10 months in hospital recovering from his own injuries.

Inside Brazil's slums where coronavirus is at risk of spreading like wildfire

Brazil is now only second behind the United States as the worst affected country for coronavirus cases.

'The King of Gambling': Flamboyant tycoon Stanley Ho dies aged 98

Hong Kong-born billionaire Stanley Ho - known as the "King of Gambling" after transforming once-sleepy Macau into the world's biggest casino centre - has died aged 98.

Lufthansa lifted by €9bn German government bailout

Lufthansa has agreed a €9bn (£8bn) rescue deal with the German government, which gives it a 20% share in the ailing airline.

British fugitive arrested in Barcelona over gangland murder plot

A British man has been arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of conspiring to murder two men in the UK.

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