Rockstar games making 2 billion dollar game set in Tudor England.

Highly antibiotic resistant strain of MRSA that arose in pigs can jump to humans, scientists say

A highly antibiotic resistant strain of MRSA that arose in pigs thanks to farming practices can jump to humans, scientists say.

PlayStation launches new subscription service at double original price - can it win over gaming fans?

Sony PlayStation has launched its answer to Microsoft Xbox's Game Pass gaming subscription service. 

'Taking innocence from children': Two-thirds of youngsters exposed to harmful online content

The UK's communications regulator is calling on young people to help protect each other by reporting harmful content online.

Space tourism could undo work to repair ozone layer, scientists say

The space tourism of Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos could undo the progress made to heal the ozone layer, scientists have said.

Entrepreneurs, architects and artists: Why people with dyslexia could be drawn to certain careers

New research could explain why people with dyslexia are drawn to certain professions - including the arts, engineering and entrepreneurship.

'Everest of bacterium' visible to naked eye discovered in Caribbean mangrove swamps

Scientists have discovered a new bacterium that is visible to the naked eye, branding it the biggest in the world.

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