Tesla stops payment by Bitcoin because of the impact on the environment

Tesla has halted the use of Bitcoin to pay for its vehicles because of the environmental impact of using the currency.

Warnings on social media as 'manipulated' photos and videos about Israel-Gaza conflict go viral

As violence between Israeli and Palestinian groups worsens, misinformation relating to both sides is spreading on social media.

Delaying second COVID vaccine dose 'could cut deaths by up to 20%'

Delaying the second dose of a COVID vaccine so more people can get a first dose could cut deaths by up to 20%, a study suggests.

Major ovarian cancer screening trial fails to show any reduction in deaths

Screening the population regularly for ovarian cancer did not reduce deaths from the disease, a UK study has found.

COVID-19 can infect penis tissue and could lead to erectile dysfunction - study

COVID-19 can infect tissue in the penis and potentially contribute to erectile dysfunction, researchers have found.

Tesla owner arrested after repeatedly riding in the back seat while it was on autopilot

A motorist who was spotted in the back seat of his Tesla as it travelled down a San Francisco Bay Area freeway has been arrested for reckless driving.

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