Lunatic Arrested for Running Around Burning Masks and Coughing on Strangers

Lunatic Arrested for Running Around Burning Masks and Coughing on Strangers

Strange man by the name of "Tic" (or "Dick") taken into custody last night for disorderly conduct.

Late Monday evening, police detained a man who was reportedly walking around and harassing random strangers by coughing on them and shouting incoherent sentence fragments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, while demanding proof.  Several calls were made to 911 regarding this man's behavior, with several onlookers reporting the man was foaming at the mouth and had a deranged look on his face.  He is being charged with disorderly conduct, and the illegal setting of fires, as he also set fire to masks on the sidewalk, while babbling incomprehensibly.  

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