Pritzker Warns Mandating Masks Inside Peoples Houses are a Possibility

Pritzker Warns Mandating Masks Inside Peoples Houses are a Possibility

Governor JB Pritzker has Warned Illinoisans that He could be Mandating Masks In People Houses if COVID 19 Cases Continue to Climb In the State. " You Know, Many Times I have said Just Wear A mask for Your Safety and others, but if Cases continue to climb in this Great State, Then Mandating Masks Inside Peoples Houses are a Possibility" Said JB Pritzker in a Private Press Meeting. This is the FIrst Time a Person that Works for the Government anywhere around the World that has Threatend to Mandate Masks Inside Peoples Houses. But one Guy we interviewed says he does not want that Kind of Mandate. "I don't think you should Mandate it inside of Your house, that is very stupid and since its their House, you cant enforce it because they bought the house" said the Guy In Chicago. So every Illinoisan should be Prepared to file lawsuits if it does happen! Stay tuned for more!

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